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PSDファイルと壁紙について / About PSD files and wallpapers

Hello, I am meke2tamago. This section describes PSD files and wallpapers.


The PSD (PhotoShopData) file format was developed by Adobe for the Photoshop image editing software. Today, in addition to Photoshop, the freeware GIMP and photopea.com, which allows image editing in the browser, also support this. Thus we can edit PSD files without having to buy expensive Photoshop. ( However, they have yet to support all of Photoshop’s features).

These image editing software can divide a single picture into multiple parts (layers) and edit them individually, just like celluloid pictures in animation. For example, the image above is composed by overlaying 3 layers: background + person + frog logo. And in PSD files, these layers are saved.


私がPixiv fanboxFantiaで支援者様に配布しているPSDファイルでは、たとえば左の画像だったとして、PSDファイルの内部では右のようなレイヤー構造をとっています。
Next, I will explain the PSD files that I distribute on my patron sites, Pixiv fanbox and Fantia. For example, in the case of the image on the left, the PSD file has the layered structure shown on the right.

The damned black line is not on the banana. In fact, that is not a black line, but a transparent hole, through which the black background below shows through. In reality, I may have more complicated layers, but the basics are the same.


On this website meke2tamago.com, I distribute to you such beautiful wallpapers as the following. Don’t drool, take a good look at the hamburger image, and guess. I think you will find something exciting.

Thank you for reading to the end. If you have any questions, please contact me via DM on twitter. Japanese law does not allow us to cancel censorship, so I cannot answer your inquiry in a public place such as the comments section of pixiv.

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